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Afterbomb Madness 2.0 US English edition

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A real nightmare instead of an American dream - this is what happened to the United States as a result of the conflict initiated by the Soviet Union and alien civilization. Thus, the worst fears that haunted Americans in the half of the 20th century were confirmed. The invasion of the extraterrestrial race has become a reality - just as the monstrous consequences of the nuclear war. The Earth resembles a nuclear training ground where mutants prowl and peculiar phenomena take place. The battle has lasted for decades. The Red Army that has changed during the teleportation does not give up and Aliens try to eradicate the human race. Meanwhile, American communities fight to survive. It seems that the outcome of these struggles has not been decided yet.


"Afterbomb Madness - Second Edition" is an improved and expanded version of the post-apocalyptic role-playing game where players personate the survivor citizens of America which has been destroyed by nuclear conflict and Anomalies. They can play an important role in the Total War or achieve selfish goals. In any case, there is an extraordinary potential that has to be fulfilled but survival in extreme conditions is also a challenge. The basic guidebook contains rules that allow you to play a variety of scenarios. In addition, it is a richly illustrated, comprehensive source of information about the world, as well as the communities and creatures that inhabit it.


In this game you can feel the atmosphere of such products as "Fallout” (especially the first and the second part), "Mad Max" and "Stalker".


Game already exists but for now it is available only in the Polish language version. The professional translation into English is not cheap. That is why we will need your support. We would simply like to release the game in English so that you can get to know the colourful and grotesque world full of aliens, mutated communists and peculiar phenomena. 


The second edition of the game was funded during the collection on Polish crowdfunding site wspieram.to



Currently we are planning crowdfunding action. More information on this subject will be presented in the coming weeks. Stay updated! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/post-apocalyptic-tabletop-rpg-afterbomb-madness/coming_soon


alternative to Fallout Pen and Paper - Afterbomb Madness RPG U.S. english version




"This system is far away better than Fallout RPG" (Pen & Paper - editorial note)
- Karol Klucznik, YouTube.com/CellarDorr


"I'm observing Afterbomb Madness publishing line since first game publishing announcement over five years ago; I was also tracking with attention information about works on second edition of the game. Final product keeps many of elements that made the first edition of a system attractive, it also introduces new ones, but they don't essentially change the reality of the game [...] Consumers that know the first version surely won't be disappointed with new version of the system and those that didn't had the opportunity to have contact with the first handbook that was published years ago, surely can give a chance to the newest version of the game."
- Adam Waśkiewicz, Polter.pl


"Great number of locations and system of character creation influence on large variety and great number of scenarios. Therefore handbook can be used for many years, unless decades, and it won't get boring. RPG games are fascinating exactly in that way. "
- Victoria Mierzwińska, OstatniaTawerna.pl


"When I played Afterbomb Madness it reminded me the times when I played Warhammer and I always dreamed to play in equivalent to Post-apocalyptic game and now someone with the help of good people created such game and I feel happy that that it was published in its second version- improved and I have this pleasure to review it for you. The game is great"
- Adam Piekielny, Radionieaktywni


"... tens of references to the games from Fallout series cause that game drip with climate"
- Jacob "Arathi" Nowosad, Paradoks.net.pl


"Universe created by authors is rather solidly built. Developed, engaging and amazingly plastic. Authors have really done their best."
- Cristopher Chmielewski, Literacka Kanciapa


"The mechanism that "bought me" is the way of dealing with social conflicts. [...] great idea is morale, that practically is not present in any other system – if your character lost social conflict, then in case of aggressive operations to the winning side it will meet difficulties to tests. It eliminates extremely frequent problem, that exists commonly among players – they try to intimidate someone, and if it isn't working, they just use their knifes, guns or fists. [...] How Afterbomb Madness can be summarized in few words? It is a solid game that draws handfuls from post-apocalyptic esthetic. Story of an atomic conflict duplicated in every medium is additionally decorated with alien invasion and grotesque climate of the game."
- Thomas "Sting" Chmielik, Rebel Times Miesięcznik Miłośników Gier, no. 67



Forms of character


post apocalyptic role playing game alternative to Fallout PnP - Afterbomb Madness RPG


post apocalyptic role playing game alternative to Fallout PnP - Afterbomb Madness RPG


post apocalyptic role playing game alternative to Fallout PnP - Afterbomb Madness RPG





post apocalyptic role playing game alternative to Fallout PnP - Afterbomb Madness RPG


post apocalyptic role playing game alternative to Fallout PnP - Afterbomb Madness RPG


post apocalyptic role playing game alternative to Fallout PnP - Afterbomb Madness RPG


post apocalyptic role playing game alternative to Fallout PnP - Afterbomb Madness RPG



Atmospheric introduction


Didactic Multi-Role Automaton number 418 is reporting. I'm entering the enquiry: Modern history. Searching database in progress. Please wait. Opening the files. Processing. Starting the transmission.


At the beginning there was Time of a Peace, that followed a long time of hard storms. The world was gradually getting back on its feet after World War II. Some returned to the balance more efficiently, finally exceeding level before the conflict.


In the fifties of XX century, in spite of social unrest, United States had economically prospered. For unfortunates that lived east from iron curtain America seemed to be a paradise. Welfare inspired a Spirit of Progress in our citizens. On this stage there was no sign of what was about to come.


In May 1959 a suspicious activity of unidentified flying objects in USA and USSR aviation areas was noted. Those incidents has fed the mutual distrust of both powers. Tension has became unbearable. Additionally, the atmosphere was thickened by growing fears of UFO invasion and global nuclear war. Fear seemed to be exaggerated but it couldn't be excluded that so called cold war won't transform to something more fervent.


Opening the hyperlink to the acts of Central Intelligence Agency. Loading secret data with FLLT 111 signature.


We have decoded the remaining fragment of information taken from the camera that was pull out from dish that has crashed near Roswell. Its content rises a concern and explains genesis of weird phenomenon that we observe in the atmosphere. It has been established beyond all doubt that machine does not belong to Russians or Japan. Under the guise of chaos there is profound sense. It seems that unidentified flying object had an order to set the largest powers against each other to create arm conflict. Purposes are not fully understandable but on the basis of partial information can be concluded that it was about stopping technological development that is a potential threat to foreign civilization.


Returning to previously opened act.
Continuing transmission...


On USA terrain literally from nowhere the unites of Red Army has began to appear, what has started the Call of War. From the airfields the bombers with nuclear weapon has started. Soon then the first explosion had a place. Mushroom clouds has grown like after rain on terrain of United States, United Soviet Socialist Republic and other countries that was involved in war of communism with capitalism.


Soviet invasion on USA was possible thanks to the teleport gates that was delivered by unidentified civilization. Transfer of matter on large scale has caused a lot of anomalies that was increasing in geometric tempo. This transport of the army turned out to be dangerous – a lot of soviet soldiers arrived degenerated or began to mutate in a couple of days. Weird phenomenon combined with outcomes of global nuclear war made it hard to conduct standard combat operation but still the fight lasted almost everywhere.


Decades have passed since the beginning of Total War. Its end is not foregone, although Earth reminds nuclear polygon, flora and fauna seem to be the decoration of a horror and humanity have regressed to tribal period. Western areas of America are dried up because of fiery anomalies and on eastern terrain there is Great Winter. The level of contamination is in many places extremely high.


Now the Phase of Survival continues – survivors day after day are fighting for their lives. Some organizations are trying to overcome the crisis, bring back the order. Others provide humanitarian aids and are supported by alien deserters. There's no lack of those that feed on others tragedy. In this gangs of degenerates, gangs of criminals and cannibals societies are leading. Meanwhile there is a truce between a part of Soviet Army and United States Army , however Soviet troops of defiled communists are still wrought havoc among Americans. Aliens are the third side of a conflict and are impetuously pursuing to make the regress of human civilization deeper. Enemy forces are consecutively colonizing the Earth!


My random-access memory does not allow to foresee the end of all these incidents...



Character Sheet (translation may changed) - PDF


Afterbomb Madness Character Sheet



Presentation of the Polish edition 


Afterbomb Madness gra RPG postapokaliptyczna fabularna gra


postapokaliptyczna gra fabularna Afterbomb Madness RPG druga edycja


postapokaliptyczna gra fabularna Afterbomb Madness RPG druga edycja


Afteromb Madness druga edycja RPG gra fabularna postapokaliptyczna postapokalipsa



Questions and answers


What the characters do?
Characters have above average potential – they can play major role during fight, take their toll on survivors societies or realize their own ambitions.


What the players do?
Players play the role of members of a team that has common goal. They try to realize chosen or drawn theme that integrates whole team. From the results of these efforts depends development of heroes and their chance to survive.


In what way the reality of the world reinforces what the game is about?
The world presented in the book offers a lot of possibilities to characters. It describes characteristic places, events, societies, that strictly correspondent with hero themes. The world is specific "sandbox" in which players can freely play and realize defined challenges.


In what way creating characters reinforce what the game is about?
Players can play a role of many various characters – residents of atomic shelters, ordinary, well-kept survivors from the surface and various degenerates, mutants. Created characters are not powerful but in some aspects they distinguish themselves among the population, so they can achieve quite a lot. Player in stage of hero creation has a choice of 6 human form and 12 professions that predispose character to various operations in this ruined world.


What behavior is awarded in your game (or punish if it's necessary)?
System, first of all, awards realization of feature themes that motivate characters to actions. The punishment is no award, what results in slower development of character and lowering its chances to survive. Because the world is full of dangers and social conflicts are sometimes very dangerous, system awards reason and punishes for lack of rational approach. System also awards reasoned narration – planning course of events has positive impact on Difficulty Level of conducted Tests .


How in your game the possibilities of narration and responsibility for game are distributed?
Master of the game is mainly responsible for narration, who is called "Veteran" in the game; much smaller influence on narration have players in particular moments.


In what way your game attracts attention of players, motivate them to actions and reinforce commitment (what your game does to involve players)?
As far as players realize satisfactorily feature theme, characters develop quite dynamically. Heroes earn Apocalypse Gifts, develop Attitudes and Abilities, what involves players very much. Game universe is built in such way that it is hard to remain indifferent toward ongoing events. Survivors social groups in conflict, enemies in form of aliens and conjugated communists and whole bunch of mutated beasts cannot be forgotten! Moreover in handbook there are generators causing that game can be really surprising.


What is the way of verdict/ mechanics in your game?
Tests play a basic role, which are conducted using at least two, maximum three dices of specified type. If dice roll on at least one of them is higher than the Difficulty Level – the operation is considered as a done in optimal way. In mentioned Tests dice D8, D10, D12 are used. In other circumstances dices D6 and D20 are also used. When it comes to the damages done in the battle or causing damage while vehicle clash. generally the principle is that after hit location is defined and one rolls proper dices. Every result above Resistance of player being hit means damage. Sometimes player gets more damage than number of used dices. Social conflicts base on Opposite Tests – in consequence of defeat particular player has broken morale what results that it is harder to operate against will and to rival disadvantage.


In what way verdict reinforce what game is about?
Testing has fundamental meaning, because it is not a clearly describing game. Furthermore the feature concentrates on fighting to survive. Often it is playing with fire, specific gamble. Furthermore every form of narration needs culminating point, when the emotion is reaching its peak. The element of risk perfectly incorporates in it. I can't imagine this game without different dices – there is a reason why they are symbol of RPG.


If the characters in this game develop? If yes, then in what way?
In the perspective of time characters can gain Sicknesses, Injuries and also they can develop Abilities, correct the Attitudes, improve additional characteristics such as Vitality. The number of owned by character Apocalypse Gifts can also increase. Heroes also gain reputation and Karma points, which is something like destiny, luck.


In what way development of character or lack of it reinforce what the game about?
As mentioned above along with the time hero changes but not always those are changes for better. Sometimes condition of character can get worse what causes that players can feel the climate of existence in post-apocalyptic world. Life is not easy!


What effect do you want to provoke amongst players with this game?
I want the players to have great satisfaction from beating mutated creatures, interaction with peculiar societies and plundering post-war objects, realizing feature goals. I also want to give them a healthy vent, want them to feel the power during sessions rich in social conflicts and fights for life and death. I want them to really feel the climate of favorite post-apocalyptic themes.


What elements of your game will be precisely described and why them?
In the book there will be introduction that will instruct how to play the feature games generally and exactly Afterbomb Madness RPG, so the sessions in this system have characteristic style. The reality of the world is described widely – including special places and societies of survivors, so it is known how it looks like and how it is functioning and who the heroes can meet. There is also wide chapter about creation of character, exemplary equipment and whole arsenal of weaponry. Two chapters are successively basic and advanced rules, so the players can play various scenarios in possibly fast and unproblematic way. There are few dozen pages of bestiary presents various monsters and exemplary human enemies. So the session would be more exciting and so the Veteran would have easier task, book also contains a couple of generators – fortuitous events, attributes of villages from wilderness, finds in various locations among others. Moreover handbook will have the detailed description of Shelter, that is, atomic shelter constructed with thought of prolonged stay.


What elements of the game excite you the most/ interest you the most and why?
The things, that I spoke about while describing first edition are still actual. I think that great thing is really dynamic mechanics of the game and big dose of post-apocalyptic curiosities that I love. I'm glad that we succeeded to fully illustrate large bestiary, describe reality of the world in more coherent and logical way, to provide a lot of generators. By the way I'm going to develop generators as unpaid add-ons published in form of PDF files downloadable from official website.


What your game gives to the player what other games don't give, can't give or won't give?
Game gives an answer how it would be if all fears of Americans from fifties of XX century considering invasion of foreign civilization, inexplicable phenomenon and global nuclear war with United Soviet Socialist Republic. This game allows to experience great adventures in reality that is rich of the most popular post-apocalyptic themes mixed in considered proportions.


What is your target consumer?
Everyone, who likes feature games and is crazy about post-apocalypse at the same time. Afterbomb Madness is incredible cocktail, which taste will be undoubtedly loved by fans of such productions as "Mad Max", "Fallout" or "Stalker".



role playing game rpg Afterbomb Madness alternative to Fallout PnP

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